provide opportunities to the community to experience and celebrate the Arts


Hinesburg Artist Series


Providing opportunities to experience and celebrate the Arts.

HAS Board of Directors



  • President: Yvonne Whitaker  (SCC/IA)
  • Treasurer: Jane Sheldon  (SCC)
  • Secretary: Kristy McLeod  (Community Member)


Music Director:  Rufus C. Patrick



  • Steve Beattie (SCC)
  • Melissa Bland (SCC)
  • John Hagman (SCC)
  • Karen Kirkland-Needler (HCB)
  • Nancy Leon (Community Member)
  • Ebeth Scatchard (SCC/IA)
  • Andrea Vogl (HCB)
  • Kristen Watrous (SCC)


Please contact a board member if you have questions about the organization, or are interested in serving on the board or volunteering in any way.



SCC - South County Chorus; IA - In Accord; HCB - Hinesburg Community Band

President's Report - Yvonne Whitaker, August 2016


Hinesburg Artist Series (HAS) was founded by Rufus Patrick in 1997 with a performance of the John Rutter Requiem by a 40-voice chorus, a 12-piece orchestra and Guilaine Senecal as the soprano soloist at the United Church in Hinesburg.  With enthusiastic support from the community, the Series has continued to grow.  In 2004 the Hinesburg Artist Series became a 501(c)(3) organization and the governing body for South County Chorus (SCC), the Hinesburg Community Band (HCB), and In Accord (IA).



Regular choral and band concerts are presented throughout the year.  The annual Christmas concert is a much anticipated local tradition, drawing a full house in any weather.  Many concerts feature local and world-renowned musicians.  Grace Cloutier, harpist, Guy Piddington, trumpeter, and soloists Amy Frostman, Jon Gailmor, Gary Moreau, Jessica Allen, Beth Thompson, Jill Levis, Sarah Cullins, and Guilaine Senecal are some of the guest artists who have performed with us.  In April, 2008 HAS hosted a concert by the legendary Swingle Singers.



For the past few years HAS has expanded musical offerings in CSSU schools through our Educational Outreach grants which has been extremely rewarding.  These have ranged from music lessons, a composition club, purchasing and maintaining instruments to broaden the band population that is served.


HAS loves collaborating with local school musical groups.  Members of the HCB combined with CVU student musicians to perform holiday concerts at the CVU Theatre and the Residence at Shelburne Bay.   In 2015, the Hinesburg Community School children's chorus performed with SSC to an extremely enthusiastic audience.  In 2009, HAS obtained grant money to bring Grace Cloutier, a professional harpist, into the Hinesburg Community and Charlotte Central Schools in workshop settings to introduce students to the harp and talk about what it is like to be a professional musician.

August 30, 2016 Board Meeting.  Photo by board member Stephen Beattie.

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